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I think building confidence I think some people are naturally more confident than others but building the skill of being... ah you're asking in English specifically in English okay give me two days it rolling okay so I think to be confident I'll speak about my experience with my students so the lecturers of this school now when they started off a lot of them were shy they were timid and they didn't want to speak but then what I did is I created a comfortable environment and this took a few lessons but what

I found is that people who started at the very beginning actually were the most fluent speakers because they were intimidated so key factor in speaking confidently is to not be intimidated by who's in front of you because I could be native speaker but actually your English could be just as perfect or even better than mine so do not straightaway put in your mind that someone is superior than you so being confident is a large part to do with your mentor with your mental capability so for example they say that

when you're speaking to a large audience in your mind you can just visualize that actually nobody is there so that way even if I'm speaking to 100,000 people to me I'm just maybe speaking to one person or no one so I can speak confidently it's the same way when were in a mirror we can speak confidently or we can speak or we can sing confidently but as soon as we're in front of people we don't want to do it so start off strong step-by-step start off put yourself in a comfortable environment maybe you just feel comfortable speaking to your friend

and then your friend can correct you or vice versa you can correct your friend and slowly start building that confidence and be confident in what you're saying this is a key skill so even if you don't know your subject by speaking confidently you will make your audience believe what you're talking about is true the same way I'm doing now the two the one that takes you saying why do I always why am I not confident around you Sofia yeah you know I met them on my own today and because you weren't there they were more confident

so they that I had a good conversation with them and they understood more because yeah exactly because intimidated by you so this is what I'm saying so literally we meet these two students together every day like in the middle of the lesson and when we speak to them they start they flip their flustered they're confused but today he was not there so I met them on my own and they spoke completely confident yeah his juniors yeah so when when he's dead his juniors they can't even say like two three words