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but today around me they they spoke fine and actually the one who gets confused is better than the other one he understands more okay grammar how important is grammar so I think grandma is critical because in English you have past tense you have the present and you have the future now all the time people are talking about the present and what they do is they use the future tense or they're talking about the future

and they use the past tense and I understand that Indonesia there's only one tenth so I think it's really important to know about every aspect of the grammar and the tenses so for example if I say I will going this is wrong because going is present so you are going right now but I will is future so I cannot say I will going I have to say I will go which is the future so what this will

what this means is that you start speaking coherently and you start making a lot more sense by minor adjustments so one way to get good at Grandma is just just by basic grammar schools grammar books and if you start reading from them you will start learning and start memorizing different techniques etc okay now we've combined the first and the second question what if we become not confident because we are afraid to make a mistake in grammar okay so by learning grammar you're confusing yourself because you think now there's there's a lot more

I need to know so I'm more prone to making mistakes but making mistakes is when you will actually develop so the same way in life when when we speak well or you win for example if a football team keeps winning they will never learn but as soon as they lose five no three no four now they're forced to rethink their tactics the way they play their their mentality every aspect so the same way

when you're acquiring this knowledge from the books or any source which suits you making mistakes is a good thing so when my students make mistakes in the English classes I love it because I get a chance to correct them and they get a chance to learn but if they just keep making the correct statements then they're not learning and I'm not being useful give some perfect over Trevor don't thank you gamma so like I said in the first episode there's many different ways but what one key thing is maybe find someone in university