Book Review: Bruce, Ian. 2020. Expressing Critical Thinking through Literary Texts.



Critical thinking, genre model, writing, text, discourse, English


The study of how critical thinking is expressed through written texts has been addressed by a diversity of scholars (such as Del Lungo Camiciotti & Tognini-Bonelli, 2004; Hunston & Thompson, 2000; Hyland & Diani, 2009; Salager-Meyer & Lewin, 2011). Drawing from prior studies, this book proposes a new theory for the manual analysis of the expression of critical thinking that identifies and categorises the genre-specific elements used by experienced writers to enact criticality. The book analyses how criticality is constructed in five different genres with the purpose of obtaining results that serve as a basis for providing pedagogical advice to the area of teaching writing and broadening the knowledge of the expression of critical thinking.


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